July Homeware Haul

Hey guys!

I had been meaning to blog over the weekend, but life happened and I was separated from my laptop for two whole days. So all I effectively did was shop, eat and read other people’s blogs.

Today I shall be sharing a few exploits from my shopping trip this weekend. Didn’t pick up a whole lot of Homeware, but most of whatever I did is all up here. Come Monday, and I’m still figuring out where and how to display some of the pieces. Any thoughts?

Some of the pieces like the ‘&’ sign, the marbled memory box and the pineapple are ones that I’ve been looking out for for a while now and I was quite happy to find exactly what i had in mind. I’ve listed where all the things I bought are from at the end of the post. Do let me know in the comments below some of your favourite Homeware stores in Canada that I can check out the next time I head out 🙂

Ceramic pineapple Home Sense

Bistro signage Home Sense

& Sign Michael’s

Candle holder H & M Home

Marbled memory box Michael’s

Mason Jar mug Marshalls

Turquoise blue & gold filigree picture frame Home Sense


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