Hey guys!

With the weekend here, bringing with it some plans or no plans at all, here’s a super simple IKEA hack that you might want to get up to in case you’re in the mood to get creative.

For this project I’ve tweaked and up-cycled  the inexpensive, run-of -the-mill Laiva Bookcase from Ikea to up its ‘sleek’ quotient and work better in an ‘adult’ apartment setting. It took all of three items to do this and I’m quite happy that it fit my needs, both from an aesthetic and utility, point of view. Here’s the way to go, in case you want to try it out-



Things you’ll need

IKEA Laiva Bookcase set

Golden spray paint (Or any other color of your choice)



1. Once the box for the bookcase has been unpacked, separate the shelves and the four side panels from the rest of the pieces.

2. Stack up the sides of the shelves facing outwards and tape them together, making sure that only the required side is exposed.

3. Spray paint the exposed edges and the side panels, leaving enough time to dry between each coat.



4. Once the painted strips dry over-night, assemble the bookcase according to the instructions and voila! You’re the proud owner of a swanky new bookcase 🙂

The lighting on this picture is not the best as we don’t get any natural light in this area of the house. But you get the idea!

Don’t forget to share some of your favourite IKEA hacks in the comments below! 🙂


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