December Musings

If you’ve read my first post on Day 1 of Blogmas, you’d probably remember how I sheepishly mentioned my anniversary being one of the many things I was excited about this month. Well today is the day Abishek and I turn 2! (Well it would be yesterday for you because you’d be reading this tomorrow)… It’s surprising how fast time flies and you don’t even realize it. It took me a whole year to come to terms with the fact that I was actually married!

Anyhow, moving on from the abrupt, hackneyed diversion – This anniversary brought with it the Flu and I was in bed for the most part of the day until I realized I had to get dressed and get out to shoot for this post. So 2 Tylenols and some makeup later, I was out with the husband clicking. Countless pictures later when I was finally happy with the shots, we got some dinner and walked back home with me sniffling at every 10th step.

We passed a small, yet significant milestone with this imperfectly perfect day. We didn’t end up going on the staycation that we wanted to, I had an incessantly runny nose that refused to stop and at the end of the day all I wanted to do was pop a tablet and drop dead on my bed. But looking back I wouldn’t have had it any other way ๐Ÿ™‚







| Dress: Zara | Boots: Zara | Bag: Kate Spade | Lipstick: MAC Diva |


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