Holiday Decoration Guide – Christmas Trees

Hope all of you are having a great start to the weekend 🙂

Though I’ve skipped getting a tree for our house this year due to storage space limitations, it’s something about Christmas that I absolutely love! Everything about getting the box of the tree and the baubles, to blasting Christmas tunes and singing along while putting the tree together with your loved ones, really sets the tone for the holidays… 🙂

So today I’m sharing the first installment of my two-part Holiday Decoration Guide,starting with ideas on decorating your Christmas tree.

Let me know what you think in the comments & thank you for stopping by! 🙂


With every Christmas that goes by, the tree topper has evolved from being a star to anything that fits the theme you’ve picked for your tree that year. This year I’ve seen plenty of toppers from finials, candy-canes, turtledoves, angels, Santa-claus hats and reindeers. My personal favourite though have been the frosted berry stems tucked in on top of the tree flanked by bows and baubles all around. Even Christmas messages make a great addition under the tree topper if you’re in the mood to experiment.



Baubles, to me, are what bring the tree to life! Stores are flooded with options for baubles, all one better than the other. You can go quirky by mixing up basic baubles with statement ornaments like the donut and cupcake in the picture. Even if you opt to go the classic route, don’t be afraid to mix and match textured and shimmery baubles with the plain, basic ones. For homes that need child friendly trees there are unlimited options in felt ornaments that are just as pretty. Stores like Disney and Hallmark even carry ornaments of some of their most-loved characters. Once you’ve hung up you’re baubles, you can accessorize the tree with hand tied bows and even add in extra stems and twigs in the colours of your choice to add character to your tree.



Fairy lights are a must-have for any Christmas tree to look it’s festive best! Along with that comes the garland for the tree. Whether it’s the classic ribbon or string garland, or the modern feather and pompom ones with bells, garlands are a great addition to the tree to spruce it up and tie in all of its elements.



When putting together the Christmas tree, don’t stop with decorating just the branches. Make sure to complete the tree by adding the right base to conceal its stand. You can take your pick from traditional tree skirts to printed and plain crates. Baskets, tied-sack cloths and sledges are popular options for smaller trees and are perfect for apartments.While we are on the subject, take a moment to admire the all-white Christmas tree in the collage



This is the last part of decorating the Christmas tree but one that really adds to its overall appearance. If you have a set theme, make sure the wrapping paper and ribbons you’ve chosen for the gifts are in sync with the rest of the colours used on the tree. Printed ribbons and bows go well with plain wrapping paper or boxes. Also, don’t be afraid of mixing and matching different sizes of gift boxes under the tree, as it adds the much needed dimension to the base. Lastly, accessorize the bottom of three with miniature figurines or Christmas messages. Placing baskets under the tree can be a great idea to store and showcase smaller gifts. One of my favourite tree-base accessories from the picture is the frosted township with baubles strewn around. If you have kids in the house you can even opt to go with the train rail idea to add oomph to your tree while still keeping it child-friendly.

(All images used in this post are sourced from Google & Pinterest)


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