DIY – Decoupage Keepsake Gift Box

Happy Friday everyone! 🙂

Here’s yet another idea for all those of you who are looking to lend a personal touch to your gifts this year.This decoupage gift-box is a great gift in itself as well!

I used random cutouts from magazines for this project but you can print out anything specific that you think the person might like, as well. And this is one project where you can get as messy as you like and still end up with a great outcome! 🙂

Things You Will Need

Plain  box with lid

Flat Christmas Ornaments or other accessories

Mod Podge

Gift Tissues


Strips/ Cut-outs of your desired pictures


  1. Start by pasting the cut-out strips on the box in the desired way, on all four sides
  2. Once, the pictures are intact, use glitter to add the needed sparkle to the box
  3. Once everything on the box has dried, apply 2-3 coats of Mod Podge on the box, leaving a 30  minute gap between each coat
  4. Stick the ornament of your choice on the lid & wait for it to dry and be completely set
  5. Once both the parts of the box are ready, tuck in the gift tissues and place your gifts and you’re good to go! 🙂

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