NM RECOMMENDS : Momofuku Milk Bar







Located alongside Hotel Shangri-La on University Avenue, this outpost of the famed New York dessert cafe created by Christina Tossi is a part of David Chang’s Momofuku family. The Toronto location of the brand is more of a refrigerated glass room curated with some of Milk Bar’s most popular offerings like Crack Pie, Birthday Cake frosting and the famed Cereal Milk Ice-cream.

Everything about this dessert bar from the illuminated ‘Milk’ signage to the chalkboard with its pink, rustic accents have become just as iconic as it’s cult favourite offerings. The bakery first opened its doors in 2008 in New York and has since been known for its whimsical and fun dessert offerings. Though it’s original  location in Brooklyn has a more elaborate set up with its counterpart in Toronto has more of a Grab-and- Go format. And for all those of you who are pressed for time to visit but want to try out the offerings of the bakery, there’s good news! You can have a selection of your favourite treats shipped to you for a flat charge of $60.

Starting with cookies priced at $2.50 and their birthday cake flavoured cakes going up to $60, there’s something here for any dessert enthusiast looking to try out something different in Toronto.


Address: 190 University Avenue, Toronto M5H 0A3

Hours: 11:30 AM – 11 PM

My Favourite Treat: Cereal Milk Ice-Cream

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