July Favourites!

Who else feels like July just whizzed past even before it actually began?

I remember creating elaborate to-do lists of all the things that I wanted to achieve this month but lo and behold, before I was even half-way through my list, the month was over! In spite of my minor setbacks, however, I still managed to get a lot of things done. For starters, I created a repository of posts for the blog so that I wouldn’t have to ghost the website every few months when I wasn’t inspired to write. Also, I managed to turn in all of my projects and assignments, for a marketing course that I have been taking since May, and I am happy to report that I wrapped up the course with an A! 🙂 Now since I’ve used my intro to brag about the few things I did manage to achieve, I suggest we dive straight in to my favourites for the month, because I’m not entirely sure of what tangent I may take off on next before I actually get to the point!

Since it has been a while since I’ve done one of these, I decided to make this a monthly feature on the blog to talk about everything I’ve loved that month and incorporate more than just fashion or beauty related products. And this is what July’s list looks like…


I’m not a teenager. Not even close. But that has never stopped me from watching a teen-drama in the past and it isn’t going to stop me now. Well to be fair I did start watching the show 7 years ago and I wasn’t going to miss finding out out who ‘A’ was the minute the show came on Netflix! So being the true PLL fan that I was, I watched the whole of season 7 without a break, for more than 24 hours at a stretch. Yes, that’s right, without sleeping a wink until I was done. Probably the first time I saw my husband leave for work early in the morning and definitely the only time I saw the sunrise after I moved here! You can catch the all the seasons of the show on Netflix if you haven’t already.



For those of you who aren’t familiar with Summerlicious, it’s Toronto’s summer food event that runs for two weeks every July.  More than 200 of Toronto’s finest restaurants serve up delicious three-course prix fixe lunch and dinner menus giving food aficionados a chance to explore the best of what every cuisine has to offer. The husband and I popped into Barnsteiners this year and I’m so glad we did. From the couscous doused in spiced lamb Moroccan stew to their signature white chocolate mousse, we loved everything we saw and ate there!  And for someone like me who rarely experiments with food, that is a testimonial in itself…



This was one brand of skincare that I had heard so many amazing things about, that I simply had to try it out myself! So finally this month I went to the Deciem store and picked up a bunch of creams and serums that I thought would work well for my skin and I have been a believer since. The products of the brand for starters are extremely affordable and come in no-fuss packaging with clear labels for its contents. The products are easy to incorporate in your existing skincare routine and the best part about them is that you begin to see results right away! Some of my favourites from the range are the Hyaluronic Acid serum, Retinol Emulsion cream and the Vitamin C serum. There is a detailed post about the range coming your way soon, so this spoiler is going to be just that!


I snagged this pair when I was standing in one of Zara’s infamously long queues to make a return one day and have been wearing it every chance I got this month. Paired with a simple white tee and flip-flops, it makes for a great summer outfit and is completely in tune with the current trends. I love everything about it right from the colour, structure and print. And what’s even better? I got it for under $20 on sale!



I picked up this book about 6 months ago and never really read it beyond the first chapter back then. However, earlier this month I had promised myself that I would read at least 2 books every month and hence I decided to give this one a go. Before I tell you what this book is all about, I will tell you everything that it isn’t. It isn’t a serious read and definitely not fiction. Don’t delve in to the book expecting to have learned something you never knew because this book is just meant to be a reminder of all those things you know about but never really take the time to practice.  The author has traveled the length and breadth of Denmark to create the perfect guide to cooking, decorating, entertaining and being inspired to live in a state of hygge. It’s full of beautiful photographs and simple, practical steps and ideas to make your home and life both comfortable and warm all year round. For all those of you wondering what hygge is all about, I’d recommend grabbing a copy of the book because apart from explaining the concept, it makes for a great feel good read.



I’ve always loved listening to the radio or the odd webinar every now and then, that the transition to podcasts came effortlessly. So when a couple of my favourite vloggers Anna Gardner and Lily Pebbles decided to come together to create this podcast, I knew I had to give it a listen. The ‘At Home With’ series involves the hosts, Anna and Lily, interviewing renown fashion and beauty icons in their home, giving the audience a peek into their lives and homes. The podcast has been a regular feature, running in the background, while I go about my chores for the day.  For any of you who are interested, you can check it out on iTunes/ Apple Podcasts and acast.

Let me know in the comments about some of things you guys have enjoyed this July! 🙂




(Images used have been sourced from Google)



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