My Christmas Traditions…

Christmas is one of those festivals that is celebrated by people all across the world. There’s a Christmas tree, a big Christmas lunch and of course the presents! However if you look more closely you will see that the every family has their way of embracing these traditions and putting their own stamp on it. Coming from a non-Christian background, Christmas in my family went as far as getting a nice big box of rum and raisin Christmas cake and putting up a tree on the odd year.  However, having to move constantly while growing up meant that I got the chance the embrace the season in many different ways. Each place that I have lived in has a very distinct Christmas memory attached to it, and plays an immense role in how much I love and celebrate the holidays today…

Since the time Abishek and I got married and decided to build our life together in a new city, it has always been my endeavor to incorporate the best of what we grew up with, while also creating own traditions along the way, in everything that we do. This is true of most things that we do in our home and Christmas is no different…

I usually start prepping for the season during the last weekend of Christmas or early December. This year since I am away for most of December, I started even earlier! My evening starts with coaxing the initially reluctant husband to join and once he’s finally ready I get the ball rolling with the decorations. I play my favourite Michael Buble tunes in the background and we proceed to bring out all the baubles and Christmas decor. After several minutes of planning what goes where we finally get down to decorating the house to the point of sparing no room. Even the washroom gets its own sparkly reindeer fragrance wallflower plug! What starts as just another chore, quickly turns into an evening where we both get into the festive spirit and talk about Christmases past and all the memories we’ve made. Sharing simple moments like these with close friends and family, to me, is one of my most favourite things about this season. It’s also a great way to start the celebrations and embrace your inner elf.

On the days that I’m home, I start the day by lighting a Christmassy candle and make myself a cup of hot chocolate. It may sound like the most clichéd things to do but it always puts me in a festive mood and honestly, these are some of the little things that I love about the holidays. And speaking of clichés, I love getting Abishek and myself festive (and by no means matching) PJs for Christmas Eve. We did this last year and it’s definitely something I’m bringing back for the many Christmases to come…

Baking is another great love of mine and during this time of the year I particularly enjoy making and indulging in treats that I would otherwise feel guilty about during the rest of the year. Since we didn’t have a Christmas dinner or lunch last year, I made sure that December was interspersed with sporadic treats throughout the month. I baked a batch of sugar cookies, made some eggnog, a gooey chocolate cake and a whole bunch of other sweet and savory treats. This year since I’m going to be away, all my festive cooking and baking will be limited to what I need for the blog. Being the wannabe ‘domestic goddess’ that I am, making a full Christmas lunch and throwing a mean party is pretty high up on my bucket list and is something that I hope to make happen one day!

Lastly, another something that I have added to my list of traditions starting last year is Blogmas. I love creating content and this is my favourite time of the year to do so as well. There’s so much to write about and so much share and it’s something that I hope to continue doing for years to come. I would love to know what you’d like to read about here so that I can continue to create content that is meaningful and inspires your celebrations…

This Holiday season, I encourage you to create a Christmas time that you’ve always wished for and make it one that you will remember for years. Form your own traditions and don’t forget to embrace all the clichés that this wonderful season brings with it!

I hope your days leading up to Christmas are magical in every way!


Natasha XO

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