July Favourites!

Who else feels like July just whizzed past even before it actually began? I remember creating elaborate to-do lists of all the things that I wanted to achieve this month but lo and behold, before I was even half-way through my list, the month was over! In spite of my minor setbacks, however, I still … More July Favourites!

Christmas Tag! 

It’s been 13 days of blogmas and as much as I’ve loved putting content together for my page, I’ve enjoyed reading posts about the holidays on every single blog I’ve come across. So much that, lately, reading these festive stories that other bloggers share while sipping on my morning cuppa, has become something like a … More Christmas Tag! 

10 Festive Things To Do This Holiday Season!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year- Time for parties, sugar cookies and gallons of eggnog!  While there’s nothing wrong in going about with your routine like every other day, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider incorporating some holiday ‘traditions’ to truly soak in the best of the season. Here are … More 10 Festive Things To Do This Holiday Season!

Hello December!

Hello people! It’s been a long 2 month hiatus from the blog and trust me it wasn’t one that I had planned. Quite a lot of things have happened between my last post and this one. For starters, I had hit a plateau when it came to coming up with new ideas for posts and … More Hello December!